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It figures, trying to get my attendance back to a more normal level, I pushed myself to attend a class I normally sleep through. It seemed unremarkable at the time but I woke up this morning at around 3am in a lot of pain. Anytime I moved or switched sides, I felt a shooting pain on my left side, from under my armpit to my chest. After determining I was not having a heart attack, I tried to figure out what happened. Could I have slept in an awkward position? Was it my 6:30 am yoga class that took until now to act up? I wasn’t sure but yoga seemed the more likely culprit.  Seemed odd as I felt no pain during or after class, but I do recall I pushed very hard in triangle. Could my “stretch up (especially) and stretch down” be partially to blame?

The incredibly sharp pain that kept me up since 3am reminded me that I have never seriously got injured in almost 2 years of yoga. Sometimes my left wrist acts up or my left hip aches if I don’t take a day off or if I just moved in a slightly off way. But that’s it. I canceled by morning class, realizing I could barely move. My husband helped me get dressed and I headed to work. The pain seemed to be a bit better as the day went on but my left side is clearly in pain. To make matters worse, I’m left handed.

I’ve been trying to think, do I take a hot bath when I get home? Do I ice my left side? Do I dare take a class tomorrow or wait and see how I feel?

Yogis, how have you recovered from an injury?