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Taking Things Personally

For those of you who have read the Four Agreements, you know about not taking things personally. This is both an extremely freeing and extremely challenging agreement. When I relate it to yoga, I find I detach from myself, my performance, my foibles… all good. On the other hand, any progress I make, compliments I get, etc. I prefer to take personally. Funny how that works. When I am not taking things personally, I forgive myself for skipping a class, I try to wonder why one particular pose is so challenging (e.g. why can’t I grab my hands behind my ankles in the warm up? Is it my shoulders are too tight? What is it? I try to solve the challenges clinically). I also seem to hear better or pay better attention in class.

Of course, this is all easier said than done. It seems so easy (too easy?) to critique one’s performance, progress or lack there of.  Often when I criticize my class, I want to criticize myself in general, and yoga is a convenient tool. My head games are baby-ish, but that’s how they operate.

So my advice, don’t take things personally. In work, in life and certainly in yoga.