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I’ve never quite figured out how to balance yoga and with other workouts. For one thing. yoga is so time consuming that it often feels like it’s hard to do anything else. Lately I’ve been doing more cardio. It’s monotonous but I do like the feeling of stress relief and working actively on my heart health. I also do like the convenience. I can get a great workout in 45 min and be in and out of the gym in an hour. Bikram is 90 min, plus 40 min back and forth, plus prep time for drinking, etc. So cardio has been dominating lately. I need to get back into the yoga fold and soon. It’s never fun getting back into the swing of things when you’ve missed a week or 2, but I’m hoping the fact that at least I’ve been exercising will help. I do find yoga sort of an all or nothing activity. I get swept up in trying to go 4-5x a week and then do no other workouts or I do other workouts and can’t quite balance yoga into my routine. What do others do?

The pluses of yoga of course are the increase flexibility, overall working of the body and sweating that releases a lot of crap. I’ve found yoga has helped me also keep my cholesterol lower. It hasn’t helped as much with weight loss (in my case). Doing more cardio, I find my endurance is better, it’s better for weight loss and it makes me tighter and stiffer (particularly in the hips and shoulders, 2 of my tightest areas to begin with!)…

Good luck with whatever your workout routine is. Namaste!


Back from vacation. Lots of cardio,  weight training,  hiking and healthy eating. It was good to get things back in check a bit. The week off did make me realize that I need to supplement my Bikram workout with some other forms of exercise as well. Of course, the challenge is how to fit that all in given the length of the workout. I believe the 90 minutes is a great overall workout, however, I saw both decline in strength and stamina from the days I went to the gym more. Since I in particular need to lose weight, I really need to focus on cardio as a priority. So I’m going to try to add at least 2 cardio workouts a week into my routine. Unsure how exactly, but stayed tuned. Tuesday am is my first Bikram class in 10 days, so that should be a challenge. I also have a Wed pm class already booked.