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Trying and Failing

Earlier this week  I told myself I was going to lower myself to the ground in toe stand pose. I can do this on my “stronger” side (I still can’t balance and do the posture, but I can bend down and shakily sit) but on my other side,  I stubbornly stay standing, with my hands touching the ground. It feels like my legs simply CANNOT bend. The fact that this is the last pose of the standing series and I’m praying for savasana I’m sure also impacts my performance here.

So, tree pose gets done and we’re on to toe. My weaker side is done first so I told myself, “You are going to bend down no matter what.” So, guess what, I tried to bend down and I actually did bend down. What happened?  I fell almost immediately. You know what else happened? I tried again! I still cannot vaguely do the posture but I was able to pass a stumbling block I had been in for months and at least TRY to bend. This may be my new reality for many more months but sometimes we have to force ourselves out of fear and habit.

That’s my lesson of the week.