Today’s observations

Since I was on a tirade earlier this week, thought I’d note some positives and honest observation about my practice and  class today…

I learn something new each class. Today was packed. I found a decent spot and tried to listen carefully. The teacher I had, in particular, is one of my fave and extremely helpful and informed.  I heard (although I’m sure it’s been said 100x) that in fixed firm, you place your elbows down, then your head (top and middle) and then your shoulders so you get a stretch first. While  I may have heard this before, it registered today.

The teacher mentioned me by name and the feedback was always helpful. Plus two compliments.  Whoo hoo.

Did all poses except one set of the pose after triangle-separate standing head to knee (where my head never reaches my knee anyway)

My toe stand has clearly declined since my attendance has dropped and been less steady. Have to work on that.

Rabbit has become near impossible with weight gain. My stomach just gets in the way and it’s challenging to do the pose properly. No one to blame but me here.

The girl in front of me sweat on my mat and my hand towel. I know that’s nothing unusual but I still get creeped out by any sweat other than my own.

I think I’ve forgot to mention but I also stink at the final pose-spine twisting. My arm doesn’t move past my knee and I think I have stayed very remedial here for months. I think b/c it is the last pose and I’m so grateful that I often thing class is over vs. really focusing here. Must focus on that.



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