I am in a grumpy mood…this is what goes through my head. Scary place!

Why can’t I grab my hands behind my ankles in pada hastasana/hands to feet pose? Why? Are my shoulders too tight? Are my hands to small?

Why can’t I wrap my legs around each other in eagle pose?

Why for the love of all that’s holy can’t my clasped hands fit under my foot so that I can raise it and start the pose in standing head to knee?

Why do I fall out of standing bow pulling pose constantly?

Why does my head refuse to come remotely close to my knee in standing separate leg head to knee pose, even if  I bend my knee to kingdom come?

Why is my toe stand not getting any better (meaning, why can’t I do it?)

Why do my legs barely get raised in locust pose?

Why is bow pose close to impossible?

Why can’t my butt and hips stay together in half tortoise pose?

Why can I barely grab anything in spine twisting pose?

2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Just stumbled on your blog and love it! I am new to Bikram, too, and also love reading Bikram blogs. I HATE standing separate leg head to knee (after triangle). I cannot get my forehead anywhere NEAR my knee, not even with a totally bent knee. Love reading about your journey! Thanks for sharing!

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