A Bad Class

I was all focusing positively when boom… I had a really bad class yesterday. Due to scheduling, I hadn’t done much yoga this week so I knew class would be a bit atypical and maybe I’d be a little bit stiffer. Well, I was a lot more stiff and a lot more tired. It’s funny, cause sometimes when I skip a few days and come back, I have a really strong class… like my body has rested and is ready to go. Not this time.

Early I knew I was in trouble. In halfmooning, when you grab your ankles and pull.. well, I always have problems with that, however, this time I could barely grab anything and had to bend my knees MUCH more than usual. Could I have really lost that much flexibility in a week  I thought?  I barely got through triangle when I felt a dreaded gurgling in my stomach. Ran out of the room just was tree pose started, went to the bathroom, threw up a little, splashed water on my face and got back in time for savassana.

I made it through the rest of the class although all my poses were crappy and it was not my finest moment. I also was totally bummed when the teacher commented on another student during Standing Head to Knee. She turned her bent leg a bit to the side when she grabbed it and straightened it out when she extended it. This is the what I have been doing and the progress I made. Although it’s a bit awkward looking, I was able to extend, so I thought it was improvement. WRONG. The teacher told her not to do it that way, so if that’s the case, I’m back to the beginning.  I still can’t place my two hands clasped together under my bent leg-my boobs and stomach seem to get in the way so if I can’t bend my leg to the side a bit, I’m back to the first phase of the pose, 8 months in. BUMMER.

These classes happen to the best of us, but they suck. I’m going to have a “light” yoga schedule week this week (2-3 classes), however, next week plan to be back to 3-4 classesand see how long it takes me to get back to “normal.” Not sure about the SH2K regression. That’s a blow.



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