Focus on the Good

If you’re remotely self critical like me, you tend to focus on the things you can’t do. The poses that pose a challenge. The parts of your body that stubbornly remain tight, seemingly with a will of their own. The goals that seems miles and light years away.The bumps and lumps of your body that can make certain asanas more challenging. My spine strengthening series of poses is a hot mess. The days you seem to regress compared to a previous class. It’s very easy for me to wallow here.

More and more I try to focus on the good. The progress, the sheer ability to finish a class and the postures that seem to come a bit easier.

My standing head to knee is ugly, lord knows, however, I am making progress. I remember how for 6 months I could not pick up my leg, so now, unsightly or not, the fact I can grab my leg continues to thrill me

My backbend is slowly getting better

My triangle is stronger

What positives can you focus on today?




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