Packed Classes (It’s getting hot in here)

So, still trying to sort out my yoga schedule. Feels like earlier classes are easier (for me) when it’s not winter–dark and unwelcoming to wake up at 5:15am (but still worth it). So I’ve been struggling with a routine and how much yoga is the right amount. I’m trying to work in cardio and in fact, I’m trying a TRX class tonight… With that in mind, I’ve decided any class is better than no class. So, I snuck out of work a bit early yesterday and took THE MOST PACKED CLASS in my studio. The prime time 6pm sesh. A full 90 min of sardines packed in. I had people two inches of either side of me and feet in my face most of the class. You know what, I managed. Ideal? No, especially with airplane where your hands can’t really be in a proper place. Did I have a great view in the mirror? No, but neither did most people. You manage. Was it extra hot? Yes. I definitely noticed the crowd made the room warmer and the teacher barely opened the windows at all. You know what else I noticed? It didn’t really matter. Once you’re in the groove, you’re in the groove. That’s the great thing about class, you’re going for yourself and everyone sort of disappears for the most part. I don’t think i felt any class energy, but the crowd didn’t really detract. I often build up in my head how awful the packed classes are and even worse, the locker room where you can’t find a hanger for your coat, a locker for your clothes, etc., a shower that’s available. You know what, it was fine. So, I waited a few minutes for the shower, I had to hunt around for a locker… found one. Just goes to show that we build up things our head (or at least I do), that makes things worse and more painful than the reality needs to be.

Notable from the class:

Well, my once a week class is really not cutting it. Time to find more time! I’m planning at least 3x this week. Hold me to it!

My balance stinks. That’s always the first thing to go with me.

Locust: I cannot get my hands under my body. Wonder if I ever will. It’s sobering.

On the plus side:

I’m back to trying toe stand.

My balance is getting better.

I’ve been able to complete classes without sitting down or taking a break.



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