Time give me time

So, I’ve been getting back to yoga… sporadically. My studio essentially stopped its yin classes, so that’s a bummer. In winter, I have had a harder time getting back to the crack of dawn classes, which leaves the evenings (packed, easy to cancel, often have to cancel due to work etc.) and weekends (a shlep) so my attendance needs definite improvement. I’m working on it. I’m also working on really listening to the dialogue as if I’ll uncover some holy grail of instructions…. you never know. This weekend I took a class with a teacher who had a heavy accent. I couldn’t understand a word but luckily I didn’t really need to, given the repetitive nature of class.  I also seem to have gotten more neck pain, so I must be doing something wrong somewhere. Trying to figure out… thinking maybe triangle or the spine strengthening series where you look up?  I’ve added in some 75 min classes when they are convenient, but rarely do the 60 min version. Do you?

I’m continuing on my cardio path so we’ll see where all this leads. What’s your fitness plan for 2017?



2 thoughts on “Time give me time

  1. I would prefer early morning classes before work too! My studio doesn’t offer them right now. It would be nice to get there for an early morning sweat sess. with enough time to shower and get to work.
    I know what you mean about the evening classes. I love the energy of all the people but I do not like that I have more time to make excuses throughout the day on why I can’t fit in the class. My motto has been just to ‘show up’. When I do I feel a million times better and have never regretted a class and can’t wait to come back for the next one.
    I like the option of a 60/75 min class if I can’t get to my normal 90 min class because of my schedule.
    I enjoy your blog! Always looking for Bikram blogs to follow 🙂

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