Summer Heat

OK. I feel like I’m whining about the heat again.  It is close to unbearable in my studio and I take the first class of the day!! I’m so happy I finish the class that it dawns on me only later but progress is minimal. I can barely bend or grab or hold, so while the class is hard, I’m not working hard on my postures. I’m too busy trying to breathe and survive. This is kind of disappointing to me,  because while I like the heat, I like to have enough energy to push myself. Now I’m happy if I’m still standing the first half of class. Before I tried to minimize fidgeting, now I tell myself to fidget away if it helps me get through the 90 minutes.

I’m still definitely not back to earlier days, especially on front folds/bends where I have added bulk and as a result, the postures are all more difficult. Going to try to up my attendance and see if that helps with: the heat, my flexibility and my weight. However, I keep trying. In part, because I’m dealing with a lot of stress and I believe that yoga is helping more than maybe I even realize to help offload it.

How’s your spring/summer yoga going?



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