Less Water=Better Class?

I’ve been experimenting with water in class lately. The hot room has been especially hot (read earlier posts) so I initially thought I would need to drink more water to feel better. What I’ve discovered is that’s not necessarily true. I find the less water I drink in party time, the better. Although the balance series is intense, I seem to get through it stronger with very little water. I take a decent sip during savasanna between standing and the floor and again some water at fixed firm. I have found this seems to give me the most energy and endurance. I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s taken me nearly 2 years to figure it out. When I first started classes I would gulp too much water and then be extremely uncomfortable on the floor. A few times I felt something rumbling and ran out of class to throw up (always water). I think I was getting used to the heat and trying to balance water. I now tend to drink more water after class and drink throughout the day.

What’s your water rituals?

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