At Tale of Two Classes

It’s funny how different 2 classes can be. I took a Sat morning class that stunk. I’ve never been a natural yogi but that class I really felt like I couldn’t do a single posture. I kept falling out of the balancing series, couldn’t even grab my leg in standing head to knee and while I completed all the asanas, I felt like I had regressed to my first month… while I’m nearing my 2 year anniversary (granted with some lapses).  I hadn’t been to class in 2 days and I wondered if I could have regressed that much… everything felt tight, achy, uncoordinated and out of sync. When I told my husband that night how frustrated I was  about my morning performance he reminded me (like only a man can) that I have gained weight recently and that probably makes everything harder (thanks honey!)

So today, Tues  am, I took another class. Another 2 day break between Sat’s hellish experience and today. And I am relieved to say the same fat me had a much better class. I’m still very much a novice but I felt much more like my level, not like my first week. I’m still trying to “get back” to my yoga state a few months ago, which is better than today. But a series of long breaks and too few classes has found me climbing back vs. continuing to improve. The good news is that today was me continuing to climb back. I pretty much felt like me progressing. Balance wasn’t great, but was better. I could grab my legs in standing head to knee and even kick out on my right side. I was better in bow pose, balancing stick, triangle and the spine series.

It just goes to show no 2 classes are a like and to give yourself a break when sometimes a less than strong class occurs.


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  1. I often have the experience where things are just off during class and it’s completely unpredictable. Fat, skinny, consistently going to class/inconsistently….I find that the only correlation is my emotional state. When I am able to walk in that hot room and truly leave it all at the door, I always have a good class. I’m getting better at it, but it’s still a challenge. The vinyasa classes that I’ve added have really helped me connect to my breath, and that has been a huge help in staying present in the hot room when my mind starts to wander. 🕉

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