The Neck

Do you find yourself straining your neck in yoga? I try to follow the dialogue but must be doing something wrong as many classes result in me feeling my neck is achy or pulled. In separate standing leg pose (the one before triangle) I get that your eyes should go between your toes or a little in front, but that’s usually when I get my first tingle. Then in triangle when your neck and shoulder are supposed to touch and your eyes look past your fingers, I definitely feel something there. The pose after triangle where you neck comes up last… at that point I definitely feel some sort of discomfort. Many of the spine strengthening postures also have the “look up with your eyes” which somehow in my mind seems to also mean “move your neck” I hear that with cobra, airplane, bow… usually by rabbit, my neck is a hot mess. Perhaps there are small adjustments that a teacher just can’t make with every student, or it could be my neck is where I hold a lot of tension and it just also comes through in class. I suspect I’m probably doing a few things wrong though. Will just have to keep trying!




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