Seven Surprises From Bikram Yoga

There’s plenty of great articles and blog posts on taking your first Bikram class. I thought it might be more interesting as we’re close to the end of the year to share some surprises I’ve learned after about 7 months of yoga… Keep in mind, these are true in my experience only and may be completely different for someone else.

1. You will have bad classes and you won’t be able to explain why

It is almost impossible to predict a great class from a bad one. You can eat the same thing, drink the same amount, sleep the same amount and have fabulous class one day and a lame one the next. It’s part of your practice. Just give it your best each time you go. I’ve had only one REALLY bad class the whole time, where I basically went down after triangle and couldn’t get up. The others were more shades of lame…

2. My skin got softer

I still can’t figure this one out. My skin is a lot softer. That’s all I can say.

3. My sleep is still unpredictable

Almost everyone seems to say their sleep is improved through Bikram yoga. Unfortunately, I seem to the exception. I slept like a baby after my first class. Now I still wait up repeatedly throughout the night and have trouble sleeping….

4. Bikram yoga is addictive

I also have trouble explaining this one. How can something I sometimes dread be addictive? How can I like and dislike something and still be obsessed about it?

5. Bikram is good for your health

So, if you read my earlier post, you know I actually gained weight after starting Bikram. I  had high cholesterol before I started so when I went for my physical knowing I had gained weight, I was almost sure that my results would be even worse. I was bracing for the doctor to tell me to take medication. The only plus was I had been practicing Bikram yoga for several months regularly, about 4 times a week. I got my test results, my cholesterol dropped nearly 60 points. Woot!

6. It’s really hard

At least once during most classes I think to myself, “this is really hard” or “does working out need to be this hard?” Usually it’s around triangle, tree or camel. I’m working on quieting that voice, however it is quite persistent. Bikram is really hard. No lie.

7. I’m still not a bendy pretzel

I was hoping after 7 months I’d wake up in the morning and seem a lot more flexible. I wake up and can barely touch my hands to the floor.

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