Small Goals

Today I am excited as after trying for quite a while, I was able to wake up super early and take what I call the “crack of dawn” class (this is earlier than my normal early class). The fact that I did it, on a snowy (!) Monday makes me happy happy happy. No excuses. How was the class itself? Only eh, as I am still struggling to make up for lost ground over the past month and a few extra pounds are making forward bending pathetic (hello, my head is no where near touching my knee again in separate standing head to knee). However, today I told myself, after getting up and making it to class to focus on what I could do, not what I couldn’t. You know what I found… my halfmoon is decent, as is my backbend, my triangle is respectable as is my tree.  I could get all the way down in fixed firm, I did both camels and I ended solid with the breathing. Why beat yourself up with failing and limitations. Try try and try!

Wishing everyone a great week. Namaste!




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