Mind Games

Humid tough yoga class this morning, where I sat out 1 set of triangle and didn’t push 100% through the spine series. Still I went, it’s in the books, and I feel good. What’s amazing to me is how hard it is to talk myself into going to yoga class. I know not everyone has this problem, however,  I certainly do. Despite the fact that I like taking class, feel great after and know this has been super helpful to my health, I often battle myself to go to class. It’s crazy, exhausting and often the voices that say stay home, win.

I think part of the reason is I prefer to take the crack of dawn/early am classes in my studio which requires me to up and moving around 5:30am. This technically means I should be in bed by 9pm, but this generally doesn’t happen, so I’m tired and already creating prime and fertile ground for excuses. I always have sleep problems, so depending on how the night was, it can be tricky.

The other reasons are that yoga is time consuming and a shlep. On weekends it takes me around 45 min to get to class, plus the 90 min class and then 20 min after to shower and dress. That’s big chunk of time. Especially when I want to relax.

Last, class is HARD and I’m not a natural. Most of the time I’m in a groove with this is me, I’m working on it, I’m getting better… but sometimes I imagine myself in a particularly taxing posture I stink at, and then class seems less appealing.

I’m working on dealing with all this, mostly by sucking it up, shutting the voices in my head and just going to class, but I’d love to hear anyone else’s tricks and techniques for mind games.



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