It’s a Process

Boy, it’s a process getting back in the groove after gaining weight and being sick. The double whammy combo is quite the knockout. Standing head to knee, separate standing head to knee and rabbit continue to be challenging with my stomach literally making these postures much tougher. Today I mostly just lifted my leg up in SH2K so I’d be on 1 leg—sigh.  I am getting back in the routine of going to class though, so I know I’ll get back. I am watching my food more carefully as well to speed up the process. I’m already following a fairly stringent eating plan that’s mostly vegan, but you’d be surprised what you can binge on if you want… hello Ben and Jerry’s non dairy?!? I am trying not to think of the yo-yo progress of the past few months and instead forge ahead with more steady improvements. I used to add some cardio (spin, hit intensity on the elliptical) a few days a week I wasn’t doing yoga and I found that gave me more endurance and felt doing cardio was probably good for my weight and heart. Now I am thinking of adding weight training instead. I bought a Groupon for 3 sessions with a trainer than specializes in 10 minute high intensity training. Too good to be true? I’ll let you know!

How’s your routine coming?


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