After being busy and sick on and off for the past month, my eating and work outs have taken a big hit. A gain of about 10 lbs (I’m only 5′ tall) has resulted in some postures being close to impossible, while my flexibility has made some other more challenging as well. I know it’s temporary and I’m back on the path toward progress, but the yoyo nature of my practice (ups and downs vs. ups and more ups) can get frustrating. We’re all human and I try to be forgiving.

Here’s what I’ve noticed… when I gain weight, postures like rabbit and the separate standing head to knee (the pose after triangle) and wind removing pose (when you need to grab your two legs together) are disasters. My stomach simply gets in the way. I try my best, but I can’t really do my best because my belly makes striving beyond challenging.

When I miss classes and flexibility takes a hit I feel it most in the pada hastasana (hands to feet), standing head to knee and seated head to knee at the end. Interestingly, poses like triangle and camel seem more forgiving and I don’t notice decline.

When you miss some classes, where do you notice the difference yogis?


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