So, after an 11 day absence 2 weeks ago, last week I forged ahead and went to class. I write about it and it wasn’t pretty. Then last Friday night, I started to get sick. That tickle in the throat, a sniffle… Almost everyone I know has this devil of a cold. My sister has had something for nearly 2 weeks, my husband about 10 days, and my office appears ground zero with Dayquil the most in demand item around. So guess what, no yoga in over a week. In NY we say: Oy Vey. I have no fever but am very sweaty, tired and most significantly, congested, breathing mostly through my mouth. Today is the first day I’ve felt better, so I’m back at work, I’m thinking about yoga tomorrow, but more likely it will be Sat or Sunday. It’s really the breathing (ain’t it always) that has me concerned as it’s quite shallow and mostly through my mouth. Besides stressing that I’m practically repeating the same absence (and subsequent pain) all over again, I’m trying to stay calm. Feels like groundhog day. I’ll get through this and get back to yoga. It will not be pretty lord knows, but being big picture, this is all part of the journey right?



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