Yoga Routine

So, hot yoga seems to require more prep than other types of yoga. The obvious need is hydration. If I take a crack of dawn morning class, I try to gulp down at least 3 glasses of water when I wake up and eat maybe 1/2 a banana. If I take a later class, I try to drink all day, stopping maybe 30 min before class and I try not to eat 2-3 hours before class. This can play havoc with life. On weekends, I’m racing around to make sure I eat before 1pm so I can take my 4pm class.  At work, I try to make sure I have time to eat and I’m not trapped in meetings during my key available meal times. I, for one, start to get a little anal about my routine. Thank god my desk is near the ladies room, as I’m constantly running there all day! I’ve learned through trial and error (those errors are awful!) about what’s too much, too little and less than ideal.

In class, I’ve noticed a menagerie of items people bring to class. I stick with my hydroflask (1/3 coconut water, the rest water) and a washcloth to wipe my hands or face. I’ve noticed people who bring several water bottles, EmergenC, tissues, keys and their phones (turned off). I am working on not fidgeting with my headband during class. I constantly move it and adjust it during poses. I am also working on not futzing with my mat and towel all the time. If it bunches, it bunches…Small steps!

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