My New Yoga Mat

My husband got me an Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat and Towel for our anniversary. (Ironically, I got him 2 sessions with a running coach, so we both had sports on our minds). I had been using the standard towel and mat for class since I started, so this was something different. It’s basically a towel bolted onto a mat for basically the same price as a mat.

I LOVE IT! No more fidgeting and fussing adjusting the towel as it shifts and bunches under my toes. No more chaffing with my skin against a rough towel… no more carrying two things. The towel on this mat is totally comfortable and I haven’t slipped at all.

The only downside is for rabbit, I need to bring a little towel since this mat and towel are attached and you really can’t grab the whole mat and wrap it around your ankles. The site said to wash the mat every few weeks, not yet sure how that will work as after 4 classes I think my mat may be pretty stinky. I spray it after use and that helps but it is supposed to be machine washable or I’ll just soak it in the bathtub the way I have my other mats.

I think this has helped me focus more, fidget less and just be more comfortable!

Highly recommended…




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