Chasing My Breath

After trying to get back in the saddle from a nearly 2 week yoga absence, I did 3 classes in a row, took a day off and went back to an early morning class. Boom.  It stunk. It’s amazing how much one regresses in less than 2 weeks (after all, I still went to spin a few times) especially when your diet goes up in smoke. So, the morning class was HOT and somehow I seem even less flexible then my first class back. (Hello?!) I am also convinced that some extra pounds have made the pose after triangle and rabbit much worse as my stomach seems to be getting in its own way. Lovely.

Balance is better so I’ll take that but today’s class was one of those dreaded classes where your breathing is off. This happens to be every once in a while but today was one of those days. I could tell I was breathing in a more shallow way starting right at pranayama breathing but from about eagle on, I was just having trouble with my breath. I was breathing too fast and couldn’t really slow it down before the next posture started. I didn’t panic but it did frustrate me. I sat out a set of locust to try and catch up and slow down by breathing. It helped but a pose or 2 later it raced away on its own. I felt like I was wearing an outfit that didn’t match–my breathing didn’t match the pace of the class. I made it through an ugly class where I couldn’t give it my all. I did ok, but I didn’t really push myself as breathing was just out of sync. I hope that chasing or catching your breath feeling will not come back anytime soon. Not fun!

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