After a break…

So, I’m back after an 11-day yoga break due to work and travel. It happens. I knew I’d be back to yoga, so I didn’t panic but let me tell you, my absence shows. Took my first class yesterday and then woke up today and could barely move! Went back today and was much tighter than I can remember. I’d say I’ve lost about 20% of my (already limited) flexibility. What did I notice the most: BALANCE. Oh my lord. I could barely hold standing bow for 10 seconds, let alone 1 minute. I felt sorry for the people behind me as I kept falling out, especially on my weaker side. Holy backsliding! Also flexibility in generally is worse, not surprising. I’m hoping in a week or two, I’m back to “normal.” I think the main thing is not to get bummed out about it, but to move on. My teacher today said “imagine you can do every pose. Even if it takes 20 years.” In other words, no, I suck at this, but rather, I can do this. Also, the Bikram refrain to “kill yourself” in class came up. Not a huge fan of this, but it is a good reminder to push yourself. What’s also interesting (and probably helped my return) is the classes have not been crazy hot. I think this is because it’s so cold outside, they don’t want to completely shock your system. I am getting a massage shortly, so hopefully that will help. I think the lesson here is to keep on keeping on. In the past I’d beat myself up both about missing class and my performance. Now, I’m simply glad to be back, proud I did both classes completely and looking forward to improving. Progress, at least mentally!?!

PS-MY husband got me a combo yoga mat and towel. Love it!!!


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