Aches and Pains

I’ve been feeling more aches and pains these days. Not sure if it’s due to the weather, my age, pushing myself in class, not pushing myself, etc. I keep hearing that “sitting is the new smoking,” which sounds horrible to me since I sit most of the (long) day at my job. Maybe that and shlepping my heavy handbag plus yoga bag is to blame.

The result is that I stand alot. I stretch during the day and I try to get massages since my shoulders are often the culprit. I also think I’m doing something wrong in triangle as my neck is often achy after. Hmmm.

I believe yoga is supposed to help with these kinks so I’m guessing without yoga, I’d be even more uncomfortable.

I’m also debating about my exercise routine. It’s not news that switching up your workout routine is good so your body doesn’t get too familiar/comfortable with anyone thing… not sure how that plays in Bikram, which is the same exact workout each time. I try to add some spin but not sure if I need to mix things up more.  I get frustrated when I do other things b/c I think my yoga suffers.

That’s my latest thoughts and ramblings. Now time to stand up and stretch!


One thought on “Aches and Pains

  1. I can relate to 100% of this! I have found that mixing it up with other types of yoga really helps me be better in the hot room. I know that some Bikram devotees will argue that it’s all you need, but I love the variety, and find that it makes me happier and stronger once I get back in the heat. Sometimes it’s just a slight adjustment from a different teacher, sometimes it’s the music, or seeing different faces, but I find it makes me more inspired than the doing exact same routine all the time. Good luck with finding the formula that works for you. 😃

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