Snow Yoga

As is all over the news, we had a big snowstorm here in the Big Apple. I had gone to class 4x last week and really wanted to get to class both days. Although my studio was open Sat (amazing when you think subways and buses were closed down!) I didn’t leave my apt. I did stretch, but did not even try to replicate a class. Went Sunday instead.  So did a lot of people. Apparently, NYC was stir crazy after being locked at home watching TV and eating junk.

It felt great to be in class, albeit it was packed and extremely humid. Somehow stretching and being warm after being cooped up and walking through the snow for 20 minutes to get the class was perfect.  Were my postures perfect? Are they ever-of course not. Did I have a shocking breakthrough, no. I’ve been in the same place in toe stand for a while–able to get into two stand but it’s an even looking mess and where I need to keep both hands on my sides–need to advance that.. But I did do all the postures and did increase my weekly attendance to 5x last week (for me, that’s a lot).

Yogis, did you do snow yoga?




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