So, after a nearly 2 week absence from attending yoga due to a cold/cough/flu, I went back yesterday. That’s the longest time I have not attended class over the last 6 months, so naturally I was a bit concerned on how I would feel. Would I have lost a lot of progress? Would I need to take breaks? Happily, the class went well. I did lose ground on a few postures (toe pose, triangle) and general flexibility, however, I definitely felt all the months of consistent practice will make it easier to bounce back and in some postures, I felt I was largely the same.

More interesting was the message of the teacher last night. One of the toughest I take, he was focusing on knowing when to push and when not to. He talked a lot about listening to your body and understanding some days you can really push and other days you really can’t. About being smart and focusing on using only the muscles required, not tensing your body and tiring yourself further. About making small gains vs. giant leaps. About being patient with yourself. Perhaps because I had not been to class in a while, I listened carefully, really soaked up his words and took a lot of inspiration from what he said. I think sometimes we get caught up in what we can’t do (see my last post for example!) versus the fact we are working toward getting better. Never being done.


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