Less Heat

IT is supercold in NY today, so waking up and actually getting up at 5:40am takes some conviction. After my 20 minute freezing walk to the studio, I was surprised tosee class pretty crowded. In class something was wrong with the heaters and the temperature was less hot than usual. It was still over 100 degrees, but not by much and in my studio, classes commonly hit 115 degrees with high humidity.  So, the difference today was noticeable. I was still sweating but not dripping and I barely touched my water.

What did I notice?  I liked it! It was hot enough that I was still able to stretch, sweat and feel warm, but not so hot that I got dizzy or dazed. This normally happens toward the end of class, where I’m just praying for the end. In this class, I feel I was able to better perform camel and rabbit, simply because I had more energy left in the tank. Triangle was still hard (it’s when i start to wilt) because it was still pretty hot and because it’s smack in the middle of class…

It’s interesting what just a few degrees (And % of humidity) can make.  If it were up to me, I’d keep the temperature like this all the time. Of course it’s not, so I’m preparing myself for the normal inferno next time.


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