Back after my Break

So finally got back to class, and it humbling. I managed to do most of the poses, but the class was harder than normal and definitely noticed less flexibility. Hopefully I’ll get back in the saddle this week or next. It’s always a good feeling “to be back,” no matter how lame the class. I found my sit ups (never pretty) had declined quite a bit, as did my balance … so lots to build back. For locust pose, my elbows were no where near under my body, same with my forehead touching my knee in separate standing pose… It could have been worse though, I only sat out 1/2 of triangle but prodded through the rest of class.

While the morning classes play havoc with having an adult life in the evenings, and going out at night, they really do seem to work best for me. I like getting them out of the way and they also seem the least likely to get disrupted by my schedule (assuming I can get up at 5:15am) so I am trying to psyche myself up for them. It’s either that or the 7-8pm classes.  I guess that’s another option, although probably more crowded, so who knows.

As I am on my cleanse, in addition to 3 classes of water, I also had a green powder drink and an olive oil shot with lemon (to cleanse my liver)


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