What Yoga Has Taught Me

During this holiday season, it’s always good to reflect on what you have, not what you don’t. So as I eat my avocado toast and mineral supplement this am, I am particularly grateful for my yoga practice. Here’s some reasons why:

It has given me a passion and a hobby. While there are some weeks I only go once, (and I think my longest break was 2 weeks), I have continued to return and my yoga practice is 19 months old.  It’s something I enjoy blogging about, reading about, learning more about, etc. It’s given me a real interest.

It’s made me humble. Outside of yoga, I’m a relatively successful person. Hard working, I’ve generally been able to accomplish a lot, mostly due to an insane work ethic and determination. Not so with yoga. I stink. I stink, and I keep going. Yoga is for everyone, not just the dancers and gymnasts. It may not look pretty, but it works.

It’s made me more determined.  Already a Type A person in work, yoga has taught me to be tough outside of work. Not to give up, to persevere and to go to my edge, as often as I can manage.

It’s good for me.  Surprisingly, I’ve had some opposition here. I’ve got chronic fatigue syndrome and several professionals have said hot yoga is not ideal, it’s too much, takes too much of my energy, etc. I believe yoga is good for me. Helping me lower my cholesterol, work everything from the inside out and increase my flexibility. While I still struggle with weight, I firmly believe yoga does a lot of good.

It’s gratifying. It is occasional (for me), but we have all had those moments of breakthrough. When you can do something for the first time or see tangible progress. It can be thrilling to work hard and see change.

I don’t take it personally. I have already said I’m not great at yoga. I hope to get better. I still get frustrated and annoyed at limitations, but I am getting better at not taking it personally. There’s certainly more talented yogis in class, but this is what I’ve got and it’s mine to work with. I also know that some days in class can be great, others eh, and some, downright lame. I don’t take it personally, b/c I know it’s all a process.

Yogis, Happy Holidays and wishing you peace and joy. Namaste.



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