Christmas Yoga

I seem to do more yoga around holidays than otherwise. This may run counter to most, but my biggest challenge in getting to yoga (besides my mind of course) is my work schedule. Around holidays I’m off or on half days, so finding time to catch a class is much easier. I don’t generally travel for Thanksgiving or Xmas and I have a have small, local family, so I generally have time for class. I’ve already booked my class on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day. There’s fewer offered (last year, none on Xmas day in my location, so I guess people requested it) so I’m already confirmed. It also seems a good way to get the New Year in motion. I finished my class today, doing all postures. As usual, not a beauty and still tight in hips and shoulders, but I did it. That gives me a sense of accomplishment and appreciation for the holiday good cheer. Yoga is a lot less fun after a night of drinking, so while it does impact how I celebrate (sometimes), it does make my mood better all around and make me able to relax more. What’s your Christmas yoga like?



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