Chasing Your Breath

Today in class I had a hard time catching my breath. That rarely happens–the feeling you’re out of breath and need to catch up. I pose after pose I felt like I was chasing my breath. Caught up to me in triangle… when I sat down for half a set… alas, it really wasn’t enough time to catch my breath and as a result I was a bit out of sorts the whole class. Even the 2 minute savassana didn’t give me enough of a break to align my breath. Makes you feel the whole class is aerobic and you’re winded. On the plus side, it did cause me to focus more, to try to minimize my movements and pay attention. On the down side, you feel out of control and less able to push yourself, since you can’t really go to your edge on the exhale.  I believe these are all good experiences to have–they show you more about your body, your reaction and how to deal.

I often struggle with ego given how inflexible I am, but I’m coming to focus more and more on the fact that I’m only trying to improve myself, and then inevitably, I can only get better and stronger, however slow and long that may take. These little misadventures in class teach me I am getting stronger, I can deal with foibles and I can handle them.

Right now I’m trying to focus on “chest up” a comment I hear when going back bends and camel. I’m also trying to ignore grabbing my ankles and just stretch my elbows back and hips up. Next area of focus: why I can’t get my elbows underneath me in locust.

Namaste and Breathe!

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