The Highs and Lows of Class

I had one of my humid classes on Sunday evening that i’m still recovering from. Then I took a Monday night spin class, which seemed to make my early Tues am yoga class a little rougher (dehydrated? tired muscles? not sure)… So, I could tell this was not going to be one of my best all time classes. That’s ok. It’s all part of the grind. I sat out one set of triangle, but more than that, I could tell I just “didn’t have it.” It’s hard to give 100% or your best everyday, but I did keep trying. I find there’s a general rhythm to class in general…stuff and achy through the warm up. For me on the hardest periods is balancing and getting through the long 60 second postures, right into triangle… half way through class and usually where I’m the weariest (like today). I can usually manage to stay strong through the remainder of the standing series, although there have been times toe stand is extremely taxing.

After savassana, I’m usually good until locust when my elbows revolt and don’t want to stay straight or under my body. Airplane is usually a hot mess and seated bow is the hardest but I try. For me, I then see two “break” postures… I like them both because I can breathe easily… fixed firm and tortoise. I have issues with each but I find them energizing. But then the party is quickly over as camel takes over and I try to keep my cool. Usually I feel dizzy. I made it to rabbit, and so far my head does not touch my knees. Working on it…

After rabbit, I know I have stretching and more sit ups, but I’m almost always able to finish class. I tend to divide the class in my mind this way … warm up over, almost done with balancing series, oh good, triangle done-class half over… etc. Strange the way we (or at least) I need to send myself progress messages. I’m my own cheerleader!

How are your classes coming along?

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