The Window and the Door

I like hot yoga but I don’t like so hot I can’t breathe yoga, or super humid yoga. For some reason,  NY studios are extremely humid. At least that’s what a lot of visitors to our studios tells me. It can make a good class a bad one in a blink. My salvation in these moments is when the teachers open the door or the windows a crack to let in fresh air. It’s usually for a few seconds, but generally enough to give me a second wind.

In class today I was trudging along. Doing all the postures but not feeling a lot of energy. This usually hits around triangle, when my arms just don’t want to move.  During savasanna, the teacher opened the windows a bit and that gave me the extra oomph to finish as strongly as I could.

Some people complain when the windows get opened, but most don’t. Some teachers rarely open the windows at all, while others make it more common. I take classes with teachers of all stripes but when the room is super humid, I find cracking open the window is definitely a big help.

How about you?




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