It’s Your Yoga

My teacher made a comment she’s made before but it stuck with me this time… “This is your class. This is your yoga.” It’s a freeing thought. When I compare myself to others who are more flexible, graceful, stronger, it can be frustrating, disappointing and intimidating. Of course, this is not just true for yoga, but when you compare yourself with the prettiest woman in the room, the smartest, etc. you’re probably not going to be too thrilled with the comparison (In fairness, I can hold my own on smarts 🙂

It’s my yoga. I am only comparing myself to myself. It doesn’t matter if I need to drop 20 lbs (I do), how old I am, how feeble some of my poses may look,how my yoga shirt bunches around my belly creating a lovely ring of fat…  what matters is me and my effort.

It helps remind me that I can only improve. Granted at a pace slower than I might like, but improve nonetheless. I’ve been going to class for  18 months now. I can now grab my hands under my leg for the beginning of standing head to knee. Can’t get my hands clasped, but that’s next. (I realize some people can do this on day one, but in my yoga, I’m only concerned with me). I can do the full expression of fixed firm, I can get into toe stand, but can’t balance yet, I can get one forehead to knee and one nose to knee in separate standing head to knee… all progress.

I encourage you to look back at your yoga year so far yogis and realize what you’ve accomplished. You may since slipped since that highpoint, but that moment is still yours and you own it. I am thankful for my practice. How about you?



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