So I have been extremely busy the past 2 weeks and have found it challenging to get to yoga. On the plus side, I have been going to the gym instead–easier to fit in 30 min cardio blasts. On the negative side, last week I only made it to class 2x and today was the first time I had been to yoga in a week. I wasn’t panicking at this point–I knew I’d get back to it… but of course, the longer you’re away, the harder it is to return and I dreaded losing whatever hard fought gains I had made… and taking 2 weeks to catch up. When I got to the studio I saw an old yoga buddy who hadn’t been to class in a couple of months. I assumed he was taking a break, no longer practicing or going elsewhere… but was delighted to see him returning and that made my morning. My class was unremarkable and I definitely found tighter hips and shoulders welcoming me back. That was not fun. My balance was terrible (as it has been for a while in fact). I could no longer get my forehead on my knee for standing separate head to knee pose, I topped over in toe stand, and the list goes on… However, after class, I felt great. That great, calm yoga feeling we all know. I likened to exhaling. It felt like I had been holding my breath all week and just released and relaxed. Of course, I also thought, I really need to get to yoga more. So the plan is to go back tomorrow.


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