I consider myself a conscientious yogi. I try to sit quietly when I need to take a break, I don’t drink water between postures, don’t make noise, don’t put my mat down in front of others, don’t leave class early, try to smile when the teachers says to…etc. etc.  One of the things that often comes up in class is not to fidget. While I’ve seen people constantly tugging at something, fixing their towels, I don’t. I do however, occasionally adjust my hair, my shirt or my towel. And, to be honest, this is the least of my concerns. The only real concern I have is I don’t want to take too long and limit my savassana in any way shape or form. I understand this is part of the process of control, mastering discomfort and focusing, perhaps I’m just at a different level. I’m happy to give it my all in class, and if I need to fidget a little to get comfortable, for now, I’m ok with that. Again, it’s in relative terms, I’m occasionally making adjustments. Why? Well, it’s uncomfortable when your towel completely bunches up. The postures are hard enough. Sometimes my mat moves and I can’t see or I’m in someone’s way. I move it back. I can get itchy when I’m covered in sweat, or my shirt moves and I adjust the straps. I wear a headband and sometimes I move it to stay more firmly on my head.  Would I be better off not doing these things? I’m sure I would be on some yogic plane of mastery, but for now my goals are more basic. Do as much of the class as possible, do each posture as best I can and get to class regularly. Fidgeting ranks much, much lower.




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