Yoga and Cleansing

I’m on another cleanse, I went on a 3 week one in July. During that period I really felt my yoga get stronger. This cleanse is one is only a week but I thought that it would be interesting to see how my yoga fared. Well today (on Day 3), not so well. I had trouble controlling my breath and I sat down for half a posture. Is it because of the cleanse? Who knows. Could be due to my spin class the yesterday, stress or any number of things.  I do believe that hot yoga must help any cleanse, as you can sweat out more stuff you’re trying to get rid of and I learned 70% of toxins are removed through the lungs so I especially paid attention during the 2 breathing exercises.

We’ll see through the week is my yoga is declines or not. I’m drinking enough water to sink a ship so I certainly shouldn’t be dehydrated… Regardless, I am committed to my cleanse, which is an alkaline one, trying to lower acid/inflammation in the body. I often feel like when life gets more challenging and stressful, things like diet and exercise become all the more important as outlets of relief and ways to strengthen. Of course, it’s always during stress that I want chinese food and pizza, go figure.

I will say I had my best standing head to knee experience today (on one side), so although my practice overall was shaky, I did have one standout. How about you?



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