You are where you need to be

My teacher said something in class that I’ve heard before but I really heard it today as I continued to fall out of bow pose like a fish flopping around trying to get back into water.  TRUST THE PROCESS. YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE. She went on to say, some days we got it, some days we don’t. Some days we get frustrated, some days we’re giddy with progress. Some poses haunt us, while some come easier. It’s the same you in all cases so what’s different? The intangible, ineffable, unknowable, that’s what. We have to trust the process and believe whatever we’re doing, that’s simply what we need to do.  I remember thinking this 100 years ago when I went to a Weight Watchers meeting. They are positive and practical and know they have a formula that works (for many), so I remember leaving the meeting thinking, “If I just follow the program, it will work.” Well, of course, Weight Watchers didn’t work for me, but the point is the same 🙂

Do I wish I was more flexible? Had less injuries? Was taller, thinner and a dancer? Sure. But this is what I’ve got and I have to believe that I will get better, stronger, more flexible and better balanced. How much better? I’m not entirely sure if that’s up to me completely or your build, physical form and constitution play a role, but I do know I’ll get better.

I believe if you go to class (after class) and trust the process, all good things will come.





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