Tingling and other random thoughts

I’ve noticed that while in different postures I feel different things, there’s two postures I feel a tingling sensation… one is locust, which I struggle with. It’s hard for me to put my hands under my stomach so that my elbows disappear. However, whenever I pull my hands back I do feel tingling all over my arms. The second is fixed firm when I feel tingling in my legs, notably ankles and knees. It’s not an unpleasant sensation, just more of an unusual one. I don’t feel it in most postures so I wonder if I’m not doing them properly, or only some poses are meant to provide that sensation.

As I try to get my practice back on track, I notice my balance is terrible. I constantly fall out of  bow to the point that I wonder what on earth is happening. My flexibility isn’t quite what it was before, but it’s getting better. I am able to take a more long term perspective for now, which is I’ll get better if I keep going. How much better, who knows, but clearly, the more you to go class, the better it is. To bad eating cookies doesn’t work in the same way as I clearly have no problem eating many!

I’m also enjoying the less packed morning classes of late. I’m sure after New Years especially they’ll be packed, so nice to have a little room…



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