More of the Same

I’ve noticed I do better in yoga (not particularly in life) when I don’t think.  I wake up, get moving and go to yoga. I don’t start mentally debating whether I want to, whether I suck, that it’s dark, that it’s cold, etc. Unquestionably, when I get to yoga, or more precisely, when I am done with yoga, I am always glad.  I go back Jack and do it again…

I know it’s getting colder and darker here in the East Coast, which will make the crack of dawn classes a little trickier. However, I’ve generally found getting them done and out of the way is my surest best for getting them in.

I also have a physical in a month and I’m hoping a steady diet of yoga (and spin) will bring my cholesterol down, some pounds off and improve my fatigue.

So, I’m aiming for yoga 3-4x a week and spin 2-3x a week. I’ll take 3x yoga, 2x spin. I do find the spin helps improve my stamina for yoga, although no doubt, going to yoga more would quicken my progress.  When talking to a friend over dinner the other night she told me that taking different kinds of yoga (hot, vinyasa, etc.) helps her across the board and seems to complement what’s missing from one class to the next. So, here’s to whatever works for you.

For me, the goal over the next 2 weeks is to regularly get back on a schedule, not overthink and to work hard!



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