Yoga Life

How much does yoga impact your life outside class? Do you find it’s helped change the way you feel, think or act? Has it made you calmer, more patient, more compassionate?

In my case, it’s definitely as a serious interest. I write this blog, follow a lot of yoga blogs and people on twitter, instagram, etc. I look for new articles and insights on having a yoga practice. I monitor how I feel and if I notice any major physical differences… I am considering taking a “yoga” vacation.

I am clearly a struggling yogi. As I’ve often written about, my practice is a work in progress. I am certainly not a flexible person and making progress in the postures is slow, slow and slow! I have to push myself to attend more and in winter, I fear this is ever more challenging. I am still hopeful to get more of the “out of the hot room” benefits that are spoken of so frequently. I feel that when I leave the “old” me returns and the doubts, criticism, impatience and confusion reign supreme.

More important, I keep going back. I try not to judge myself and I am a believer in if you keep practicing, good things will come.

What’s your yoga philosophy?



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