So, I have missed classed the last 2 weeks. That’s the longest stretch I’ve had since I started Bikram yoga in May 2014.  Work was extremely hectic and I put in super long hours. I basically got home, ate, went to bad and woke up and went to work. Repeat. I even worked on the weekends. Needless to say, glad that hectic period is over. My fatigue also kicked on (not surprisingly with that schedule) so I basically collapsed all weekend and managed a spin class Monday.

Knowing I had to get back to yoga, yet dreading what 2 weeks away might bring, I was hemming and hawing all day. I told my husband I was too tired, I was looking for excuses to drag this out more (why, I’m not sure as I know that would only make it worse)

I luckily know the machinations and meshugas of my mind, so I ignored it and went to class. When I walked into the studio, they greeted me by name and I already felt where I belong. Preparing for the worst,  I told the teacher I hadn’t been too class in a little bit. She didn’t look too concerned. I did buy and add the Replenish packet into my water bottle–hey, trying to stack all the odds in my favor.

During pranayama breathing I did have pangs of “I don’t want to be here.” Luckily they passed. I made it through class and I actually did ok. I feared I’d back track much more. Sure, I was a little stiffer, my harder poses were a little harder still (hello seated bow), but not terrible. I didn’t regress as much as I feared. I made it through class.  I did it. Back in the saddle. The hot room. The torture chamber.

I feel stiff and achy and I expect the next class may be more painful.

Your practice, like mine, doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect. My advice: go to class! Sometimes yoga is just showing up and being in the room. That is all.


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  1. I had missed my yoga class for the past three weeks, due to vacation and a few schedule conflicts. Yeah, I’m feeling it this morning. Too many downward facing dogs I think.

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