Class with Music

I’ve read several blogs where people (including the always awesome Leigh Hall) are against yoga class with music. I certainly wouldn’t want all my Bikram classes to have sound, however, I enjoy the occasional restorative class with calm music and once a month my studio does a Friday night class with music. I like it. I may like it because it’s only once a month but honestly, I’d probably like a class with music once a week. Why?

It gets me out of my head. Instead of the self doubt, negative thoughts, frustration and sometimes breathing issues, I find music distracts me. I realize this is what some may not like about it , but I find it does help me focus on the posture and not on my inner dialogue. A good some gives me energy, and a smile. I also find music helps me with my breathing, perhaps the rhythm of the songs and oddly, I also seem to balance better in classes with music.

It also makes class a little more fun. We had some people singing along to Aretha, Annie Lennox, etc. and it made for a more playful class. As mentioned, this isn’t my ideal everyday but it certainly is a nice change of pace.

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