Rough Class

Had a rough class today. Not the end of the world, but it is my second class this week where around triangle, I started to fade. Don’t mind the random crappy class, we have allĀ  those and it’s often out of our control, but when I start to detect semi-patterns, I get a little nervous. For a while I got super dizzy right around Standing Head to Knee. That passed. Now triangle seems to signal trouble, I sat out a pose or 2 and managed to do the rest of class, still feeling tentative and dizzy. Annoying because you (or at least I) don’t give 100% in those moments. I’m just happy to have the energy to do something. My camel today was definitely on the lame side, with “Lord, let me get through this and not vomit” going through my head. I am planning on class tomorrow and hoping this “trend” of the week will break. The other big news I got is that our studio will be offering 75 minute classes as an option. When I first saw it, I thought, fine it’s an option if I want to try it, but I prefer the classic 90 minutes. Then when I read on, the note said that morning, night and lunchtime classes would be the 75 min version. Since I’m in the morning zone now, I started to panic a bit. Most likely due to the idea of any change to the familiar. And b/c the shorter classes tend to be more flow, which for reasons I have no idea, I’ve traditionally not been a fan of (all I remember is a sea of chatarunga and enormous arm pain), I also started to feel some dread. Then I told myself, myself the classes are will be fine. All is fine and it will be what it will be. From what I can tell (happily) my class is not affected, but I’ll manage if it is. Maybe some of yoga’s life lessons are finally seeping in.. or maybe it’s the Pope’s visit!



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