Due to this annoying cough/cold, I haven’t been to yoga in over a week. It feels like forever and I am starting to get anxiety about losing the ground I’ve gained. Every time I even start the first breathing exercise to see how I feel, I start sputtering and coughing, so I’m waiting to return. It’s funny how when in class you sometimes dread it, however, when you can’t go, you pine. I just read in MyBikramYogaLife blog that Leigh recommends going to yoga every day and here I am panicking that I haven’t been in 8 days or more.

Then I breathe (and cough) and think not to panic. I want to do yoga for a long time and I have to respect whatever occasional hurdles come my way. Taking a moment and having perspective has helped me…

Have you had a period when you couldn’t go to class?Unknown

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