The Pee Problem

It’s been with me for a while. Ever since I had to get up during the 2 minute savasana between the standing and seated series and go to the ladies room. I was so annoyed because once I raced back from the ladies room, savasana was over. And I generally need that time to slow down my breathing. I almost never leave the room during class (I can count on one hand¬† when I have, and besides the time in question, the others were when I left to throw up)

I was happy I was with a teacher I knew, because she would realize I don’t normally leave the room and this was necessary. I’m not sure why that mattered to me, however, I recall that it did.

Ever since that class several months ago, I’ve gotten a little obsessive. Since I mostly take morning classes, I drink 3-4 glasses of water about an hour before class. IF I take an later class, I try to stop drinking earlier. In the morning, I gulp as much as I can and then pee when I get to the studio. That seems normal enough. Then, I go into the hot room and stretch/loosen up for about 10 minutes, and then leave the room,¬† go the ladies room again right before class and head back in. I’ve been doing this double teaming for months and I’m looking at the clock before class starts to make sure I take that extra visit right before class.

I think when we get too obsessive about anything related to yoga it’s probably not helpful, however, here my goal is to make sure I can stay in the class and not be uncomfortable, so I sort of justify the behavior.I don’t want to think about it all during class, so at least this helps it from becoming a distraction.

Do you have yoga quirks in your routine?


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