And then there was calm

I’ve had a rough week, we all do. Travel, work, life… It’s amazing how un-yogic I can be when a few things don’t go my way. Seems like all my patience in the hot room stays there. It’s quite annoying really.

Although I hadn’t taken yoga for a week, I had been to 2 spin classes. They are hard, I sweat, I feel good, yet I don’t get that peace of mind I usually get from yoga. Today I went back, after a week like I mentioned, and despite the noises in my head, the usual distractions and my headband who seems to be calling on my for the entire 90 min, I had a good class, and more importantly felt that calm. That calm that spin, meditation and listening to music (although this comes the closest) can’t provide.

It certainly wasn’t my best class, a little rusty, a little stiff, but it was good. I felt pushed, stretched and strengthened. And, I’m planning to go back tomorrow.


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