My Yoga Class With Joseph

So I overslept and missed my morning class.  I realized I had a flexible day at work so I went to yoga at 1:30. I normally never go at this time and I was surprised both how crowded the class was (who are all these people?) and that the teacher remembered me (I’ve taken her classes 3-4 times). So I put my mat down and go to the ladies room and fill my water bottle before class starts. When I get back in the hot room who is behind me 2 rows?? Who?? Joseph Encinia, who is a 3-time National Champion and 2011 Male International Asana Champion. (Also known as Leigh Hall’s yoga boyfriend). So, I’m a New Yorker, seeing a famous person in a class, no big deal. Seeing an awesome yoga talent, I’m a blabbering idiot.

I can’t believe everyone in the room is not staring at him. I quietly go over and ask him if he’s Joseph. He says yes and so he doesn’t think I’m some total wacko, I tell him I follow him on Twitter (True) and it’s nice to meet him. He shakes my hand. I try to prod him to move to the front of class so I can watch him, he declines.

I get the sense he wants to be left alone to practice (makes perfect sense) so I try to leave him be, stealing glances on occasion. When I saw his amazing bow (and those of you know I’m struggling), I turned around and said wow. It’s amazing to watch someone who is so amazing. It really is wow.

Apparently, it was Joseph’s birthday as the teacher had us sing him Happy Birthday. What  a treat! Namaste.

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