Class on your Own

I took class over the weekend and the teacher had a very different style than I was used to. Minimal I would say. Most of my teachers, since they don’t do poses, they follow the dialogue pretty closely and are very detailed. Some even tell you how quickly to get into savasanna (3-2-1, savasanna). This one really said very little. If I were new, I might have struggled, however, because it was different, I just found it interesting. It made me remember some of the key messages (when to suck in your stomach, move your hips forward, arms back, etc.) and I somehow felt more responsible for my practice, my class.

Don’t get me wrong, the teacher was there, she made corrections, she complimented, but she tended to talk about other things (pushing yourself, remembering why you came to class, etc.) vs.  the dialogue.

Are all your teachers the same? Do you have a style you like better?


2 thoughts on “Class on your Own

  1. At my studio, they do early morning silent classes that are not recommended for beginners. My favorite teachers are those who stray from the dialogue and add a bit of their own personality to class. Once I took a class in Cape Cod. It happened to be a Wednesday. When we got to camel, the instructor yelled out “HUMP DAY!!!” Very hard to regain my composure after that!!

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